What Is Repointing?


Bricks are built to last for hundreds of years however, the mortar surrounding them is sadly not. Repointing is an important aspect of building maintenance as it holds the structure of the wall and ensures weatherproofing. It is a process of renewing the mortar joints between the external masonry of your property. 

The mortar between the joints on your brick or stone walls can account for up to 15% of its overall surface area. Over time, weathering and the elements cause the joints to deteriorate, crack and crumble, enabling water to penetrate through which can cause significant structural damage and damp issues.

Barn Conversion in Need of Repointing & Brick Replacements

Does My Property Need Repointing?


Maintaining the appearance of your properties brickwork is not just for aesthetic reasons, but more of an investment over time. It helps to hold the structure of your house, protects against damp and prevents heat loss. 

It is usually very clear to see when your property needs repointing. The key things to look out for are:

  • Crumbling and deteriorating mortar
  • Cracked mortar or bricks
  • Gaps in the mortar surrounding the bricks
  • Loose bricks 
  • Damp surfaces on the masonry
  • Water infiltration on your interior walls (damp patches) 

If you are unsure if your property needs repointing contact us for free advice here.

The Process

At PointUK we remove the decaying mortar with specialist grinding equipment including professional dust extractors so there is 90% less mess. This enables a consistent grind depth, which can not be achieved with traditional methods. 

Once all the aged mortar has been removed, the area that has been ground out is then sprayed and cleaned down to remove any residue left over. This also helps the new mortar to bond better as it slows down the drying process. This is especially important with traditional lime mortar methods to prevent cracking.  

We use state-of-the-art cordless pointing guns to fill and compress new mortar into the joints. This method is more efficient, cleaner and leaves a better finish. 

Want to see more? Take a look at our gallery to see just how we do it!

Repointing Brickwork in Process