Structural repairs vary from job to job. Most structural problems can be rectified within a few days with minimal disruption to the rest of the brickwork.

HeliBar Crack Stitching

Cracks appearing in walls is a common structural repair, that we see daily, on older buildings. One method we use at PointUK to repair these cracks is HeliBar Crack Stitching. This technique involves installing stainless steel reinforcement bars into the brick’s bed joint to help strengthen the wall and stop further displacement.

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Wall Tie Replacement

Another common problem that occurs with ageing brickwork in cavity walls, is Wall Tie Corrosion. No matter what the cause of the Wall Tie failure may be, it is important that the problem is resolved quickly. Failure to do so can result in major problems including structural damage or even outer wall collapse.

At some point all wall ties need to be replaced, but how do you check if they have failed? The main things to look out for are:

  • Cracked Brickwork
  • Bulging or Bowing Brickwork
  • Horizontal Cracks
  • Sagging or Lifting Lintels

At PointUK we specialise in Wall Tie Replacement and have managed many projects where this work has been carried out.

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